BD Barcelona Design has always been an atypical company since its origins in the 1970’s. Its founders come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty characterized by superior quality, short-series productions, artisanal processes instead of mass production.”

The first set photography location was more bold and spacious, a bit abstract, later residential and contemporary. Finally, something modernist and elegant was needed to make a stronger tide of the hi-end quality, craftsmanship and made in Barcelona positioning.
The bold chromatic contrast and sophistication of this Barcelonese Example apartment was a good match for BD Barcelona iconic Catalan design classic pieces like modernist inspired Gaulino armchair by Oscar Tusquets, or Olvidada lamp by Pepe Cortes, as well as bold novelties of the last year as futuristic 2001 tables, pixelated cabinet Dreams by Cristian Zuzunaga and the main highlight of Milan 2018 – Grasso armchair by Stephen Burks. The artworks featured are by Cristian Zuzunaga.  The preference for the furniture finishes was made towards the black and white direction to strengthen the contrast of the environment and elegance of the pieces with some color touch of the carpets.

Photography by Marcela Grassi. 




Set Photography


Creative direction, Styling