This project was commissioned by a couple with 3 children (2 are adolescents).

The apartment is located in a beautiful modernist building in the historic Example area of Barcelona. So, the project took a spin on a preservation of largely all elements of the beautiful existing architecture adding some contemporary air in it.

The distribution of the apartment is divided into children bedroom’s area accessed from a circular protagonist reception hall, master living and private area, as well as common and courtesy areas in between.

The special hall gallery played its special role in a project. Access to the apartment first is cozy and intimate – smaller closed hall with the antique wardrobe free standing. Afterward, you flaw into big half encircled hall – bright and full of air. On the back of it the access to older children living space and bedrooms, that is followed by the room of the youngster. A long corridor leads to Master areas.

The preference in terms of materials was given towards noble materials of the Oak parquet, brass and marble elements, with calm tones for the furniture. A lot of storage was foreseen in the built-in wall wardrobes that articulate all the spaces, mark the separating between the living that continues in the bedrooms. At this stage, the project got a special touch of “deep blue”color. As well as the wavy texture of the shrunk doors it gave the project more dynamic, but same time sophisticated feel.


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