The Residential Project on the 21st floor of the emblematic Colon Building in Barcelona is aimed to convert the whole floor, currently used as the offices, to the single family residence. The clients are the couple and 5 grown up children, all different in their occupations and tastes. The guidelines of the project were derived from the spectacular 360o view on Barcelona city, and the common passion of the family members for reading, and numerous library. The protagonist in this project was given to library blokes, wide spaces full of air and light, vegetation and a particular connection between the rooms. The apartment has got the unique ambiance of the single landscape, connected with the surrounding – a truly inspiring reader’s garden!
The visual connection between the rooms has triggered the interest towards a further connection between the spaces. We have designed perimeter running furniture, which enters and comes out of the rooms, changing the function accordingly. It is always accompanied by the interior garden, making life more fluent and organic in this apartment.
Wardrobe blokes that work as the bed rest from one side and the closet from another side contribute to the privacy of the rooms. Inside they absorb various electric and climate installations, as well. The integration of the curtains with a soft texture color guarantees the full privacy and coziness to the rooms when needed.
The ‘green’ perimeter furniture has floating appeal, that is relying on the structural columns of the building. We have designed the metallic structure, which maintains both the table with its integrated shallow drawers and all the containers for the relocation of the hydro pods with vegetation. This system allows easy maintenance of the interior garden. The electric plugs equip the tables.

Projects collaborators Nicole Estrella, Pamela Carbajal




Interior Renovation