The inspiration for the project is derived from the roots of nature and its raw materials. This house puts forwards the nature of the solid rock, which is in repute of its firmly stable and extremely resistant values. The concept is based on essentials features of the social, sustainable and self-functional housing.
Sustainability relies on the reasonable consumption of resources and energy are possible with the help of window and ventilation systems, as well as green roof and solar panels elements.   The foundation of the house is developed implementing single mono pillar on the ‘stones cushion,’ which is independently movable during seismic activity. The green roof accumulates the rain water in the reservoir under the elevated house structure. Materials of the house exterior are represented through the traditional technology of Asian burnt wood, which goes through it revival today, and stone tiles. The interior is fully composed of stone, wood and felt materials.
Self-functional: The house is projected in two large topographic shapes, making its natural environment the main furniture. Double walls (40 and 70 cm thickness) are equipped with the storage, furniture integration, ladder for the roof access, etc. Example – the movable bedroom wardrobe dividers enable 2 or 3 bedroom configuration.
Social: The project accounts for both social and private life of its residents. Commitment to the open space to reinforce the communication, should not be a restraint for the private space for thinking and meditation. You enter on 0.00 m level, where nature continues into the house (taking out the shoes). Follow to the +0.45 m living space level – heading to the wardrobe in the ‘left rock’ (in the right – public WC). Later, the corridor (+0.90 m) will lead you to the private area of bedrooms, bathroom and hidden closet for seasonal things. You can access open higher level of meditation and development (+2.70 m) from living space behind the ‘right rock.’ Finally,  you find tatami room (+ 3.10 m) with the integrated ladder to access the roof garden.


Housing Concept Proposal, Competition Project