Batiik Studio took a full advantage of the 22 m.sq. space in the old Parisian apartment by putting a “smart box” in the apartment corner. This box integrates bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe.
“Smart” is the main buzz word nowadays in the design community. Of course, as the world is shifting to the new generation of millennials as main consumers the ultimate goal is to offer last ones a good comfort with a great versatility and lower investment for faster change.
I think this project is a good example:
A young single freelancer bought this space and immediately moved in without taking any action, but throwing away a lot of old stuff inside. However, not all – salon sofa, some decoration together with the raw walls is a good memorial to the apartment before.
He left few months for thinking and contacting a Batiik studio specialized on the small apartments. They came up with this ingenious project that fitted in 30 K euros budget.
The box is constructed from the new smart material Fenix NTM and inserts of the noble and warm looking oak. To fit in the box it was needed just to pull down one non/structural wall. As you can see, all the rest stayed pretty much the same with a good polish to the floor. Not bad.

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