Looking at the images of this project looks like the light has always been present there – so bright, so light and so spacious. When Marcos Catalan and Victor Bergnes took the charge of the project it was very fragmented and quite dark. Their quite radical offer was aimed to make the living of the young family most serene possible. The decision was taken in favor of 1 general open space for the whole social/ day area including kitchen, living and working area. 

The restoration of the typical arch cladding ceiling present in Barcelona apartments called “volta catalana” contributed to the dynamic flow of the open space. The zoning here is clearly defined by the furniture. Most of them are designs of the architects complimented with few design classics like Thonet chairs, Alvar Alto stools or Butterfly armchairs.  The sofa that wraps up the “living room” on the back part features a working desk extension – resembles the nature somehow – such an unforced but well-done engineering. It is also a beautiful design complimented by a stylish piece like a Menu chair. The most intriguing part of the project – not sure though, there are many details in this project that make it so “human scale” and interesting – is the furniture piece of 80 cm thickness absorbing the window openings and creating interesting individual spaces – featuring kitchen storage, reading space and work desk respectively. The lattice wood paneling ads further on the sentiments to the project when the light penetrates the room divisors.

The bathroom has transmits the same light and spacious sensation. This is highly reinforced by the mirror wall featuring 1 piece elegant think and Vola white iconic faucet. White laminated doors feature the beautiful vertical accents in form of the wooden handles.

A short resume of the amazing apartment revitalization for the harmonic life of the young family.

Photos by Eugeni Pons

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