Equipo Creativo is a Barcelona based studio with great sensibility to reflect the strong traditional and conceptual aspect in each project they undertake. In this case the restaurant with an interesting cuisine named Nikkei– Peruvian and Japanese – Pakta, that means “union” in the Quechua language of Peru. This basically means that a rich Japanese cuisine enriched with Peruvian flavours, spices and colours. Just like design itself: the traditional Japanese architecture is wrapped up by the second “skin” representing the traditional loom of the Peruvian craftsmanship tradition with strong colours still combined in a very harmonic way.

From the façade you see the image of the traditional Japanese tavern that invites you in the special gastronomic experience. From the outside a beautiful frame work with traditional graphics and colors already makes you observe part of the bar and interior.

The concept of the braking up the vivid loom sections with the neutral looms is a great solution to face the typical narrow space limitation – to visually decompress the space and offer the visitors rich 3d experience.

The rhythm is further supported by the doom lightning in some sections. All focus to food! With the intimate lights suspended above each dining place.

Having  visited already several places by Equipo Creativo – my conclusion is that the strong spacial concept is hard to overestimate in the gastronomic culture as food preparation and serving is seriously treated as art ritual in those places.

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