ENDPIECE is an optical store in Seul designed by local studio Wallga + WGNB. The name of the store comes from the tailor-made part of the glasses that are connected to the lens frame and temple. Inside the store features a big plastic wire knitted wall that serves as a room separator and also as a strong symbolic feature centerpiece. The architect explained that the idea behind this element is to focus on the craftsmanship and brand identity producing unique glasses. The wall that took one week to knit and was assembled in several parts in the designer’s studio is the perfect example of craftsmanship and imagination – the brand’s key values.

The collection of glasses is displayed throughout in the backlit shelves, tables or encased in the glass counters. The store display furniture is a smart and aesthetic combination of the thick and thin planes, storage spaces and bold color blocks. It is a great complement to the mysterious blue knitted wall and settles down textures of concrete and stone finishes.

The unique atmosphere helps the store to stand out in Seoul and most important raise the own value of the product.



Images © yongjun / choi


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