This amazing house is a fruit of the collaboration of Leeton Pointon Architects and the Interior Designer Alisson Pye. The team worked closely together to seamlessly integrate all elements of interiors, architecture, furnishings, decoration, and landscape.

Everything in this home is highly controlled, from the super-fine, curved metal balustrade and opposing recessed handrail through to the vertical garden. But same time the high organic quality is present the flow of the spaces. Curved plastered walls, that do not reach the ceiling, allow the light to stream down in between in an intended, but playful, manner.
The raw texture of the surfaces, palette and materials selection also reinforces the organic feel of the house. Wood ceilings, for example, are a wonderful way to bring in warmth and softness as a counterpoint to the hard stone floors. Glass, plaster, and metal elements are all utilized in the creation of the flowing forms and spaces. Furniture and fittings are ideally suited and again selected for finish and form. In the case of the living room – the atmosphere is defined by the green wall on the exterior side and the reflection of it on the kitchen side in the curved gentle green ceramic glazed wall. But the beautiful accents are emerging on the first plane like E15 Table, Osso chairs by Matiazzi, Sofa by Cassina, Lamp Et by Sphaus.
Subtle nuances differentiate each space throughout the house, and their individual uses: from a more robust and relaxed approach in the children’s living areas to more refined selections in the ‘good room.’
The Park House is the outcome of profound respect between collaborators on the project, including the client. The result is a comfortable, inviting and very livable family home.
Photographs, Peter Bennetts/ Lisa Cohen

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